MAHLA launches a collection fully made from upcycled materials

MAHLA launches a collection fully made from upcycled materials

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MAHLA launches a collection fully made from upcycled materials

By their latest AW22/23 collection "Puzzled", Copenhagen-based fashion brand MAHLA takes their sustainability and circularity ambitions into next level.

Designer Tytti Sofia Hongisto tells about her design process and values behind the collection:

"Usually I design the collections by choosing a mixture of newly produced fabrics and re-used, upcycled materials. When choosing newly produced fabrics I go for sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, Tencel lyocell or hemp. Normally the division between new and upcycled materials is roughly 50/50 per collection.
This time, I really wanted to challenge myself, and use upcycled materials only.

We have used diverse fabric manipulation techniques such as patchwork, fabric reconstruction and crochet. We used for example leftovers from our own previous collections, cutting waste from larger industrial productions and deadstock fabrics. We also incorporated post-consumer waste such as old T-shirts, which were transformed into unique crochet bags.

The collection is called "Puzzled" - it reflects the mood of the design process when working with upcycled textiles. I use material-driven design approach for building the collections and allow the available materials give direction for the designs. Materials are like pieces in the puzzle. After gathering various textiles, they need to be combined in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way - to be puzzled out.

The world does not suffer from the lack of materials, but the lack of imagination. There much potential in already existing materials - we need think more creative to find methods for using them. Eliminating waste and implementing circularity requires re-thinking our design processes and material sourcing structures. Processing discarded materials and textile waste bears a huge value within - value of changing the current fashion culture and changing our mindsets.
As a designer, I want to make active choices towards more sustainable industry, and I hope to inspire others along the way.

The fashion industry needs reshaping - I hope that the future of fashion will be more circular, innovative and progressive in terms of contributing achieving climate goals."