Mahla Clothing is a conscious clothing brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Relaxed street style influenced clothing with a twist of a Nordic mindset. Inspired by dark, cold winters and bright, endless summer nights, city lights and urban pulse.

We love fashion – but don't want to exploit any human beings, living creatures neither our Planet Earth in the process. That's why the goal of Mahla Clothing is to create sustainable, fairly-produced clothes, without compromising a stylish look.

Ecological and ethical values are the foundation for the designs, material sourcing and production of Mahla Clothing. Our products are made from carefully selected sustainable materials – a combination of organic, natural fabrics, recycled fabrics and upcycled materials.

Mahla Clothing is a part of the movement breaking the untenable fashion culture, and creating a responsible alternative, with attention to detail, quality and respect for the environment. Instead of making seasonal products, we aim for timeless, multi-functional clothing and a production based on demand.