MAHLA starts collaboration with Zalando

MAHLA starts collaboration with Zalando
MAHLA starts collaboration with the international eCommerce platform Zalando.

Introducing new sales channels are important steps of MAHLA's market strategy.

Since the launch in 2016 there been strong international growth and the brand have been favored by the independent shops & boutiques around the globe.

"From the beginning of the brand I've wished the brand to get recognized internationally. The collaboration with Zalando gives us great possibility make our products more visible on and reach wider audience on the European market. Recently has Zalando made more efforts towards more responsible and circular consumption, by their new product tags, Sustainability Progress Report and second hand-category Pre-owned." states MAHLA's founder & designer Tytti Sofia Hongisto.

"I feel it's important to make responsible & greener products easier accessible and seen. It's great to see that Zalando takes initiatives of bringing these type of items forward."

Zalando is consider as one of the leading European fashion and lifestyle online-platforms. MAHLA's products are lauched on Zalando's Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Dutch markets.