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We are proud to work together with strong individuals making ground-breaking, inclusive work on their own field and giving inspiration for us all.


Ethical Unicorn, Francesca Willow

Francesca is an artist and writer based in Cornwall. She trained in contemporary dance, cultural theory and performance studies, and now balances her time running the sustainability blog Ethical Unicorn, working as an artist and swimming whenever she gets a chance. In her blog she is raising awareness and taking a stand on environmental issues, social justice and sustainable living.

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Since 2016 the rapper and singer Annelise has been bringing a refreshing female-energy and pushing the boundaries in the Danish rap scene. In her songs she is raising the topics like solidarity, equality, fellowship and of course her fundamental love for the music.
Together with her producer Milad Genius they have created a unique sound mixing by influences from both Middle-East and Scandinavia. Annelise's concerts are filled with bursting spirit and intense, astonishing performance.

"In 2018 I started creating unique stage outfits for Annelise, and it's been an amazing project! We work all the designs together based on my ideas so that the clothes work in the best possible way for Lise's performance while giving powerful expression of her music and personality.
All the pieces are made from either re-used or recycled fabrics, and handmade by me in Copenhagen. I feel this is a great method of bringing up sustainability and showing that environmentally conscious clothes are possible even for the performing arts."
- Tytti, designer of Mahla Clothing
Instagram @annelisemusic