Behind the brand

MAHLA was founded 2016 in Copenhagen by Finnish designer Tytti Sofia Hongisto.

She has been working with different forms of clothing and fashion since 2007, both tailor and pattern-maker for several fashion brands, as well as many years in the world of theater- and performing arts. Her designs are based on slow fashion principles - good quality, environmental-friendly materials and fair production.

“After I saw how much waste there was generated even in small scale productions, I knew something had to be done differently. I wanted to make a difference and find ways to minimize waste, and transform it into something people
would value and cherish.”

Making unique and limited edition pieces from textile waste has been an important part of the brand from the very beginning.

Sustainable fashion designer Tytti Sofia Hongisto - Photo Kaj Lergaard

I get constantly inspired by the surrounding people, city and the nature. But definitely the constantly changing, Nordic nature with four seasons is one of the most powerful inspiration sources for me. The forms and sounds, and the amazing ability adapt, renew and transform.

In the nature nothing is destroyed; just transformed into something new.
This is my main inspiration when designing pieces with upcycled materials. Many of my designs are strongly influenced by the materials
available, and that's really what I like in using upcycled materials
– you never know what kinda treasures there is to find.”


In 2019, the brand took a unconventional direction and started implementing comprehensive social sustainability into it's brand DNA.

At MAHLA's studio in Copenhagen there is focus in employing persons coming from vulnerable positions. We are supporting our local community by employing people who otherwise have faced difficulties in finding job due physical or mental hindrance, language barriers or refugee background.

MAHLA's vision is to create positive change in world with ethically and sustainably produced clothing - empowerement though fashion.

Meet our team

Designer Tytti Sofia Hongisto
Tytti Sofia Hongisto


Pernille Juhl


Nina Bilyk