How do we handle


We're committed in using plastic-free, compostable and reusable packaging solutions.

We believe in making active choices for the more sustainable future in every-day basis.
Re-use and recycling are part of MAHLA's brand DNA.

All our wrappings, packing tape and packing labels are plastic-free.

Saving resources just makes sense. All orders send out retailer shops or material packages to production partners are always sent in re-used cardboard boxes.

FSC-certified cardboard boxes

All new cardboard boxes we use are FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) which ensures that all raw materials are originating from sources managed by responsible and sustainable methods.

Image by Better Packaging Co
Eco garment bags
Plastic but better

To protect the products under shipment and storage, garment bags are essential.

We don't use any oil-based plastic bags or wrappings - all our garment bags are 100% biodegradeable, home-compostable and marine-safe bioplastics.

Our garment bags are made of corn starch by The Better Packaging Co.


RE-ZIP - the circular packaging solution

Re-Zip is a circular packaging solution, great alternative for conventional, single-use packaging. Re-Zip envelopes are made from a heavy-duty material, which allows them to be re-used again and again - up to 30 times!

We're proud to offer Re-Zip as a packaging option for our customers.


There is a massive environmental benefit linked to circular packaging.
Keeping the packages circulating means much lower CO2-emissions, less water usage and smaller raw material consumption.

Fast and nonpolluting

Bike messengers

For deliveries in Copenhagen city area we use emission-free delivery option, cargo bike messengers. Our trusted long-term partner is local company By-Expessen. Their couriers deliver packages safely in no-time!