Mahla's design philosophy is to create beauty, to empower and to be mindful.Instead of making seasonal products, we aim for timeless, multi-functional clothing and production based on demand. 

Each product is designed with love and care, since our planet don't need more disposable and unnecessary clothes.

We cherish quality, traditional handcrafting and unique style. We want to make clothes that will live long and create joy in many lives - clothes that will live so long, they can be one day called vintage. We choose to use only sustainable and low-impact materials.
Read more about our materials here.

All Mahla's products are proudly made in Northern Europe. 
Manufacturing based on ethical values and concord, so that each persons contribution is respected, is a cornerstone of the brand.

We chosen to have local production inside European Union to;
- ensure that EU's labor laws & standards regarding safe working environment and working conditions are followed and respected
- cut down the CO2-emissions caused by the transport
- establish easy and close communication with our collaboration partners and workers.

Our production happens either in Mahla's own studio in Copenhagen, Denmark or a small sewing atelier in Tallinn, Estonia.


At Mahla Clothing studio in Copenhagen, designs start taking form, and ideas become reality. Design development, pattern design, samples manufacturing, manufacturing of limited editions, small amounts and unique pieces is all taking place at the studio.

We do offer services for making bespoke garments, or made-to-measure clothing as well, everything from sustainable evening gowns to casual wear and accessories.


In the end of 2017, Mahla Clothing started collaboration with a small garment manufacturer located in Estonian capital city, Tallinn. We have been very pleased to work with them ever since.

Rosiine OÜ is female-owned factory with 25 years of experience behind. The company employees 15 women, and several of them have been working in the same company from it's start. Rosiine's whole team is very talented, professional and work with a great engagement. They manage the cutting and sewing process of medium size orders.